Relationships 101 (God's way) Pt. 4 - Pastor Melina Hechavarria

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Relationships 101 (God's way) Pt. 4 - Pastor Melina Hechavarria
There is a better way to have a relationship with someone. God isn't against to anyone getting married, having kids, or having a boyfriend/girlfriend. The problem is, we don't know His way of doing it (which is the BEST way!). Pastor Melina Hechavarria will teach you about her own marriage with Pastor Frank Hechavarria and lots of great tips that YOU can use so you won't get burnt, dumped, or pick the WRONG person the next time you get that "feeling of love" all over you. Take notes! Www.ChosenGeneration.CC Every Friday @ 9pm! TUNE IN!!!
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